Wrk - 6 pairs mini socks men's short work socks reinforced breathable cotton 04

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6 Pairs of short anti-accident work socks for men, one of the top sellers in the WRK line, perfect for both summer and winter, designed to accommodate different types of movement. It is structured in such a way as to guarantee both maximum breathability and the resistance required of a safety sock. The sponge insole helps to cushion shocks while the honeycomb on the instep means the fabric is light and allows for breathability. The central foot strap, providing extreme grip, prevents annoying rubbing of the sock on the foot. The achilles tendon protector guarantees maximum comfort throughout the day. Like the entire WRK line, this article also has toe-heel reinforcement and comfort and flatter stitching at the toe. and original and brand new. Product composition: 50% cotton, 40% polyester, 5% nylon, 5% elastane. Brand: “WRK”. Code: WRK04.

Colors: black, gray and blue;
sizes: 39/42, 43/46 and 47/50.