Silca - Supporting hold-ups 70 denier medium compression mmHg 12/15 Silca 4116 for women

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1 Pair of 70 den support hold-ups, mesh, with medium graduated compression mmHg 12/15, light compression on the thigh, medium compression on the calf, strong compression on the ankle, comfort heel that prevents the sock from shifting while walking, with edge “soft” that does not roll up and with silicone lace flounce, original and brand new; Nady 70 line: created for those with circulation problems that manifest themselves with heavy legs and swollen ankles, Nady constantly and effectively massages the legs giving the wearer a pleasant sensation of lightness and well-being, mmHg 12/15 MEDIUM massage: prevents or swelling. Available colors: playa. Available sizes: 2 (foot 37/38, size 42/44), 3 (foot 38/39, size 44/46), 4 (foot 39/40, size 46/48) and 5 (foot 40/41, size 50/52). Product composition: 86% polyamide and 16% elastane. Brand: “Silca”. Code: 4116.