Dublo - 6 pairs of men's long socks in lisle cotton art. CD0339S

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6 Pairs of long smooth socks for men, in lisle cotton, original and brand new. Double knitted sock: internally, in contact with the skin, in natural fibre, externally, in contact with the shoe, in light nylon fibre; the resistance was up to 5 times more than a normal sock; the product is hypoallergenic.
Available sizes: 10½ (40-41), 11 (41/42), 11½ (42-43), 12 (43-44), 12½/13 (44-45), 13½ (46/47).
Product composition: 50% cotton lisle (internal) and 50% polyamide (external).
Brand: “Dublo”. Code: CD0339S.